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Acts in Afrika is a Christian organization committed to helping development in deprived communities and sharing the love of Christ. We provide free health care with other services and are involved in evangelism.
We work with local community leadership & institutions, churches & groups.

About Us

Founded in March 2001, ACTS IN AFRIKA (AIA), is a Christian organization working to reach rural and deprived communities with very practical assistance in improving the life of people and with the gospel. ACTS IN AFRIKA is not affiliated to a particular church.
Here at ACTS in Afrika, we are committed to self help; we believe that within each community and each nation are the necessary resources and people to help its own development. Our role is to inspire and organize people with the required skills to volunteer to serve in the communities where they are needed most. This we do acknowledging that we have ourselves freely received the gifts we have. (Matthew 10:8)

What We Do

At ACTS in Afrika, our work is organized under the thematic areas of;


Mobile community outreach

AIA works to improve health through medical outreaches and health projects.
The medical outreaches are periodic visits to communities by a team of AIA medical doctors and other health professionals to provide treatment for medical conditions that are normally treated as ‘outpatient’ in the hospitals whilst referring others that can not be managed on the field to the nearest public health facilities for follow up. The medical teams travel with supplies of drugs and other basic clinical equipments. A team normally spends two to five days in each community. Within the last seven years malaria continues to be the most treated illness on the field in both children and adults followed by anaemia, diarrhoea and all kinds of body pains. Commonly eye and ear conditions are referred as well as others that may require some surgical intervention and follow up.
Health projects on malaria, HIV and nutrition are preventive in nature and are carried out in some communities. Previous projects include: 

Health Impact Services- Acts in Afrika
Health Impact Services- Acts in Afrika

Livelihoods improvement

Apprentice for good

Livelihood improvement comes in the form transferring skills that are self employable to individuals in the community as a way of improving the overall economic status of the community. In one approach youthful beneficiaries are supported to understudy a master craftsman lasting about a year. For example in dressmaking, carpentry etc. the other approach is to form groups of women who are taught economically beneficial skills like soap making etc over a weekend. Get in touch today to learn more about our work in this area.


Volunteer teacher

AIA works to improve education in deprived communities through the teach-a-child project. Persons qualified to teach in basic schools are posted as volunteers to rural and deprived schools in short terms to help teach the syllabus of basic school children both during normal school days, weekends and school vacation periods. Currently subjects on the Ghanaian curriculum include English, mathematics, social studies and science

Health Impact Services- Acts in Afrika
Health Impact Services- Acts in Afrika


That all may know Him

The core reason for the existence of acts in Afrika is to introduce Jesus Christ to the people of the continent in a way that is very relevant to their daily struggles for survival. Evangelism is thus mainstreamed into all the three areas of intervention of acts in Afrika. During outreach clinics counsellors do one-on-one witnessing as they try to help with other social and psychological problems. AIA also employs the use of cinema. Within acts in Afrika all services are rendered mixed with the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ. AIA staff promotes faith in Jesus as the foundation to living a successful life.

The Impact

Community People have benefited from Health Screening
Volunteers Have Contributed to AIA Programs

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